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Find a primary care provider that can take care of you for whatever ailments you may have. For your convenience we have providers located in the following locations Genesee County, Flint, Grand Blanc, Fenton, Oakland, Saginaw, Tuscola, Lapeer, and Mid-Michigan.


After Hours EastAfter HoursBurtonEnglish
Nada Abdelbasit MDGeriatric Medicine, Internal MedicineFlintArabic, English
Neimat Ahmed MDInternal MedicineBurtonArabic, English
Salwa Ahmed MDInternal MedicineDavisonArabic, English
Mohamad Al Jabban MDInternal MedicineBurtonArabic, English
Indira Alluru MDInternal MedicineGrand BlancEnglish, Telugu
Pauline Aquino MDFamily PracticeClioEnglish
Rommel Aquino MDFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish, Filipino
Jonathan Arbogast MDFamily PracticeClioEnglish
Christopher Ash DOGeneral SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Alfred Austin DOGeneral SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Kavitha Baddam MDFamily PracticeFlintEnglish, Hindi
Dhiraj Bedi DOFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, French, Hindi, Punjabi
Donna Benford DOFamily PracticeFentonEnglish
Douglas Benton DOFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Regis Benton Jr DOFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Inderjit Bhatti MDInternal MedicineFlintEnglish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Thomas Bossi DOFamily Practice, Family Practice/OMTDavisonEnglish
Mark Braniecki DOPediatricsLapeerEnglish
Kelvin Callaway MDInternal MedicineFlintEnglish
Patrick Chang MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancChinese, English
Paul Chrenka MDPediatricsFlintEnglish, Japanese
John Commet DOFamily Practice, Sports MedicineFlushingEnglish
Shawn Conner MDFamily PracticeClarkstonEnglish
Ronald Coriasso DOFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Curt Coulter DOFamily PracticeLapeerEnglish
Daniel Coulter DOFamily PracticeLapeerEnglish
Riad Dali Ahmad MDInfectious Disease, Internal MedicineGrand BlancArabic, English
Timothy Dekker MD Family & Sports MedicineMt MorrisEnglish
Galen Ebert DOFamily PracticeImlay CityEnglish
Delia Ebuen Mercado MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Filipino
William Edgar MDFamily PracticeLindenEnglish
Charles Ellsworth DOFamily PracticeMt MorrisEnglish
April Fischer DOFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Gerald Fulton MDFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish
James Garfield DOFamily Practice, Family Practice/OMT, Geriatric MedicineFentonEnglish
Sean Gilin MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Spanish
Andrea Goethals DOGeneral SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Marshall Grillo Jr DOSurgery, Vascular SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Dale Hanson MDFamily PracticeFlintEnglish, Spanish
Matthew Harris MDInternal MedicineClarkstonEnglish, Spanish
Heidi Hilton Kosch DOFamily PracticeGoodrichEnglish
Laura Hinman DO Family PracticeLindenEnglish
Alysia Hogan Kinning MDFamily PracticeGoodrichEnglish
Bill Hukill II DOInternal MedicineDavisonEnglish
Kenneth Jostock Jr MDInternal MedicineLapeerEnglish
Paul Karr Jr MDFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish
Parmanand Khandelwal MDInternal MedicineFlintEnglish, Hindi
Manisha Kia DOFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Gujerati
Gary King MDFamily PracticeLindenEnglish
Michael Kirby MDPediatricsFentonEnglish
Jennifer Klock DOFamily PracticeDavisonEnglish
Derek Korte DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Renee Krusniak DOFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish
Uday Kunadi MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Hindi
Nathan Landesman DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Susan Longe MDFamily PracticeFentonEnglish, German
James Lum DOFamily PracticeBurtonChinese, English, German
John Macksood DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Dominic Maffetone MDFamily PracticeLindenEnglish
Justin Miller DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Mark Minaudo DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Rachal Mittleman MDInternal Medicine, Internal Medicine - Pediatrics, PediatricsGrand BlancEnglish
Dylan Mooney DOFamily PracticeFentonEnglish
Kienan Murphy DOPediatricsFlintEnglish
Cheri Mys Curtis DOInternal MedicineBurtonEnglish
Jihad Nadar MDFamily PracticeBurtonArabic, English, German, Serbian
Michael Neumann DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Kristin Nikolakeas DOFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish
Linda Norrell MDFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Eric Nowicki MDPediatricsFlintEnglish
Joseph Paulisin DOVascular SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Physicians Integrated DiagnosticsRadiologyBurtonEnglish
Physicians Integrated DiagnosticsRadiologyClioEnglish
Physicians Integrated DiagnosticsRadiologyGrand BlancEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyBurtonEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyMt MorrisEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyLapeerEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyGrand BlancEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyGrand BlancEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyFentonEnglish
Physicians Integrated Physical TherapyPhysical TherapyFlintEnglish
Timothy Piontkowski DOFamily Practice, Family Practice/OMTLapeerEnglish
Ariel Ponce DOFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish
Sridhar Rao MDFamily PracticeMillingtonEnglish, Kannada
Abdul Razzak MDInternal Medicine, PathologyBurtonArabic, English
Kunadi Reddy MDInternal MedicineGrand BlancArabic, English, Hindi, Urdu
Osman Saeed MDInternal MedicineFlintArabic, English
Mohammed Saleem MDInternal Medicine, PediatricsFlintEnglish, Urdu
Christie Samuels MDFamily PracticeDavisonEnglish
Ashish Sarin MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Hindi
Julie Sawade DOFamily PracticeMt MorrisEnglish
Bhagwan Sayal MDFamily PracticeFlintEnglish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Mark Schaaf DOFamily PracticeMt MorrisEnglish
Teresa Sherman MDFamily PracticeFlintEnglish
Joseph Shull MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish
Thomas Shuster DOVascular SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish, Spanish
Joseph Simmert DOPediatricsFlintEnglish
Albert Smith Jr DOFamily PracticeLapeerEnglish
Richard Smith II DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Dirk Snyder MDFamily PracticeBurtonEnglish, Spanish
Kevin Snyder DOFamily Practice, Sports MedicineFlushingEnglish
Kenneth Steibel MDFamily PracticeFentonEnglish
Rajakumari Swamy MDInternal MedicineGrand BlancEnglish, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
Ayman Tadros MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancArabic, English
Jaishree Tandon Sharma MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish, Hindi, Urdu
Derek Thigpin DOGastroenterologyGrand BlancEnglish
Theresa Thomas DOFamily PracticeClarkstonEnglish
Mandy Trevino MDFamily PracticeHollyEnglish
John Vance DOGeneral SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
Mark Vance DOGeneral SurgeryGrand BlancEnglish
James Walker II MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish
James Walter MDInternal MedicineDavisonEnglish
Kevin Youngs MDFamily PracticeGrand BlancEnglish
Michael Zerafa MDFamily PracticeFentonEnglish
Brian Zloczover MDFamily PracticeFentonEnglish