My therapists were a wonderful team to work with! I’ve had PT in the past for the same problem, but these therapists were the 1st team to tailor therapy to my needs & level. They were the 1st to make my shoulder virtually pain free! – Thank you!

Very much enjoyed working with the therapists. Very professional. Would recommend them to anyone. Thank you very much.

I have already recommended the services at PIPT to people I know. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

During physical therapy I had a lot of fun as well as improvements. My pain has gone away and I am very happy with my results. I had a wonderful therapy team.

Enjoyed the therapy and feel real improvement in core strength & balance. Am able to manage my discomfort & enjoy working out again!

My therapists were great. I would recommend PIPT to anyone.

My physical therapy team was professional and a delight to be around. Their attitude made it fun. I truly enjoyed it!

I was given very good advice on exercise and posture. The staff was exceptionally friendly and fun. The manual stretches and manipulations were the best. Therapy gave me much more mobility. I would highly recommend PIPT!

I am completely satisfied with PIPT. They showed me that I am able to exercise and made me more confident with physical activities.

Excellent personal attention felt at all times!

All of the staff members are very friendly and make you feel comfortable and relaxed! I have had P.T. at other places before but PIPT is the best! I am very pleased with my outcomes and with all the staff!

I could not ask for a better team for the treatment and attention I received!

My therapists at PIPT were very good people who put a lot of effort into my recovery and therapy. The whole staff was very friendly and I would recommend PIPT to everyone who needs therapy.

Thanks for helping me reach my goal towards a better hiking trip than I would have otherwise been able to enjoy!